Historical Oppression and Social Stigma – Access to Justice

The KURAVAR community is one of the ancient tribe in Indian Society having a rich culture, humanity and heritage by origin. The trading communities of Madras Presidency, the Yerukulas, Koravars, Korachas were declared as Criminal Tribes in 1913 under the Criminal Tribes Act of 1911. This Act came into force throughout the Presidency had, in fact, replaced an earlier Act of 1871. The new Act 1911, which applied to the whole of India. The Criminal Tribes Act in Madras Presidency with special reference to the trading community and discusses the factors which led to its institution, the provisions of the Act and its actual operations within the presidency

Even after independence in India and the constitutional guarantees of fundamental rights of every citizen under Art 14 to 32. The Kuravar community treated unequally and often criminalized by the false charges by the police with social stigma and their birth identity. Majority of the individuals in this community having more number of false cases foisted by the police and targeted for brutal forms of police torture.

Reference: Report on Atrocities against Kuravan community in Tamil Nadu 2016 submitted to the President of India on 16-08-2016, National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC), New Delhi.